Banshees are among the weakest enemies in the game. Their one and only attack is a blinding swipe that doesn't even damage you. It simply distorts your vision and blinds you momentarily. When paired with stronger enemies in the Old Monastery or the mini boss in the Cemetery, these get significantly more dangerous- They can easily blind you and have you running  

blind so you can easily leap into the Giant Zombie and get punched, or get in close to an Evil Monk and get torched. Overall, these enemies are simply support enemies and cannot defend themselves on their own. 

They appear in the Cemetery and Old Monastery. In the Old Monastery, their attack is significantly more powerful, and has a more devastating effect. Still doesn't damage, though.



  • When killed, they explode into Crows after a bit. If timed, you can get some sick air height, using the crows and Painkiller-Jumping techniques.
  • These enemies, bizarrely, cannot be gibbed.