Hell Angels are another group of elite demons that come in a variety of styles and attacks. They have 3 different versions, and each of them is dangerous.



Freaks. I call them Security because they appear only in the Prison, and look like the closest thing to guards in the level. They wear grey armor with a pendant that has a pentagram on it, and their heads are silver. They attack with tasers that can do decent damage if cornered. Combined with what seems to be their buddies, the Hell Bikers, they can prove to be a major hindrance. Despite this, they are probably the weakest of the 3 Hell Angel classes, as they can only use a melee attack.


This version appears exclusively in the City on Water. They wear a red, shirtless jacket, with an orange, glowing pentagram-pendant (That amusingly dims when you gib them), weird head. They attack by beating you with clubs. They appear in giant swarms as well, so be careful. If you distance yourself from them, they throw molotov cocktails at you, which can rack up damage fast. Still, they're very weak. Unlike this next version...




This version, the last version to appear, shows up in the Docks. They look similar to Punks, but have much more armor, and their heads are colored red with blood. These assholes use ROCKET LAUNCHERS on you. Despite this, their rockets are easy to dodge, and its easy to get them caught up in crossfire if you quickjump around them and lead their shots on their pals. However, they are still the strongest version of the Hell Angel to appear in the game. They also have an interesting attack- They use their rockets to "rocket jump", by firing the rocket at their feet, sending them flying into the air. They usually follow up with a second rocket aimed at you while flying in the air.


  • The Punks may represent gangs, as they use crude weapons, wear punkish clothes, and even have mohawks on their head.
  • The Security version may represent corruption in law enforcement. They even seem to run in stride compared to the Punks, who simply tear their way to you.
  • The Leader represents the power of being a leader. (Outta ideas for this one)
  • The leaders have rather hilarious running animations.