Sado Commandos are rather advanced enemies that appear exclusively to Chapter 3. They wear gimp masks,


have chokers in their mouths, and wear grey armor. They wield what looks like Mac-10s with silencers on them. They can do a leap in the air to cover large distances, but its easy to chaingun them or beautifully stake them out of the air. Their guns are hard to dodge, so be careful. They also have an advanced version that has brown armor and a yellow mask instead of grey/black. They dual wield the Mac-10s and have much better armor then the grey version. You can, however, shoot one of their guns out of their hands, which makes them act just like the grey version. Amusingly enough, they use their chokers in their mouth as a proximity grenade, which also reveals their gastly, toothless mouth. The grenade itself cannot be destroyed, and will unleash shrapnel wave that does somewhat low damage when you get near it. Quickjumping past it is the best way to avoid it. When fighting Sado Commandos, simply quickjump around them and pound them with any of your weapons, except maybe the Rocket, grenades, or stakes.

Heavy Commando

Heavy Commandos are a mini-boss encountered only in the Forest. They act like the Giant Zombies from the Cemetery, only a lot more powerful. They try to close in to punch you with their fists, but can also launch a fireball at you. They drop red souls on death instead of green, and it recovers 6 HP instead of 1.


  • They might be based off of sadistic (sado) military soldiers that would do evil things in service for the sheer fact of doing it. They might have been tortured at one point before getting sent out into Purgatory, which manifests as the gimp mask they wear.