Zombie Warlords are an advanced version of Zombie Warriors that attack you with Firebrands and have a shield (Although it does a bad job at protecting them). They come in two flavours. The first one is rather basic, and is only an upgrade of Zombie Warriors. They can either slice you with the sword, or bonk you with their shields. The shield attack does lower damage, but it can mess with your vision for a second, allowing them to get a slice in. The second version looks more like a monster then a zombie, and they have the added effect of reviving Zombie Warriors if you didn't collect their souls. Both versions can make the Zombie Warrior use a berserker attack. They appear in the Cemetery and the Catacombs.


  • They actually have a beta version, but this version was never implemented.
  • They may be based off of human's fear of evil people rising up the dead.