Zombie Warriors are enemies that appear somewhat frequently. The first incarnations look simply like skeletons wearing armor that wield swords. Their skulls have an odd engraving on the top. They are actually somewhat effective in melee, so try to be careful if you want to dive in with the Painkiller and slice them up. If a Zombie Warlord slices their head off, they'll spin around hilariously like a ballerina until they fall over dead. Of course, this damages you, so stay away. Later incarnations appear to wear red armor and wield morning stars that do a lot more damage then the swords. They're still pretty easy, and they lose the advantage the first version had by trading a giant sword for a short morning star. Getting hit by them hurts a lot, though, so stay away. If a Zombie Warlord chops their head off, they'll bumrush you, swinging wildly. Shoot them once to gib them. They appear in the Cemetery, the Catacombs, and the Enclave.


  • The Zombie Warriors in the Enclave don't drop souls.